Malhar Fashions (India) Pvt. Ltd.

How we Make it

Our in-house design studio is the strength behind Malhar's innovative approach. The studio helps us translate briefs and develop ideas as per our customer’s needs. We provide an exclusive and customised approach by understanding the clients requirements.

The design studio is at the heart of Malhar. This is where the magic germinates and gets refined for the world to enjoy.

Us at a glance»

The Studio

We believe sourcing is an unlimited approach. Discovering unique textures and processes, creating new looks and new forms with various kinds of mediums is a process we immensely enjoy


We constantly research and explore a host of traditional and modern techniques to build contemporary surfaces that are unique. We are constantly in touch with latest forecasts and trends for coming seasons and are internationally updated

What we make»

Our large creative team includes graphic designers who use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to craft customised embroidery layouts and patterns that are developed in our in-house facilities.

Surface Designing

We use a host of traditional and modern techniques to manipulate and make changes to the surface of a fabric.

India’s rich cultural history, heritage and traditions have provided us a treasure trove of materials, techniques, skills and resources to draw from. Using techniques like block printing, dyeing and hand embroidery, we create magical surfaces across myriad materials.