Malhar Fashions (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The Malhar Code

Indeed, the Malhar code is one of measured strategic management and a consistent desire to fulfill the needs and aspirations of our valued clientele.

How we work»

Skilled craftsmanship, exquisite attention to detail, extensive experience, a profound understanding of the business, and our commitment to quality control set us apart. Malhar’s experienced production staff ensures each garment is perfectly made to precise specifications and meticulously checked as per our exacting quality standards.


All our production facilities are technically and socially compliant. We focus on fair working conditions and empower employees by conducting programmes on health and safety, protection from sexual harassment and management training.
What we make»

Our product innovation is propelled by an in-house design studio. Our dynamic design team stays constantly updated with emerging trends in colours, textures, and silhouettes.

How we work»


Malhar has its own manufacturing unit in Bhiwandi, Mumbai, equipped with latest modern facilities, in-house production, and a very large showroom displaying our latest creations.

We are also proud of a fully equipped design studio on the same premises. Here, we develop ideas, translate briefs and evolve exclusive, customised approaches for clients.


Our expertise, values, and processes have brought us certifications for ‘Ethical Trade Practices’ and ‘Technical Proficiency’. We hold the distinction of being an export house recognized by the Government of India. All our production facilities are technically and socially compliant.

Certifications and awards »